Amnesty International lent support to filmmaker and friend Chris Kelly and others to produce a short documentary about the forced eviction of residents of Boeung Kak Lake where 4000 families are now facing forced eviction. Read and watch more about the community’s struggle in our previous blog post, Community Complaint Leads to World Bank Conceding Role in Forced Evictions and also check out a recent article in the Guardian, Cambodians evicted in ‘land grab’.

The video profiles Boreth, a young woman whose family lived near Boeung Kak Lake for more than twenty years. Last year, after continued threats and without options, her family took the compensation offered by the government to move out. With the family now separated, Boreth returns to Boeung Kak to visit other residents facing forced eviction. She talks about how her life has changed since her family was forced out, and why she works as a human rights activist and a camera person on behalf of residents living by Boeung Kak Lake and other communities facing forced eviction in Cambodia.

Watch the video: Driven away by the water.

Amnesty International video on Boeung Kak Lake

Take action NOW for Boeung Kak Lake!

Residents of Boeung Kak Lake, who last month proposed an alternate development plan which would allow the community to remain, learned this week that the Phnom Penh Municipal Government had rejected their proposal. Your support is needed NOW.

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