Human Rights Watch has awarded a prestigious Hellman/Hammett grant to the Venerable Loun Sovath for his human rights defender work supporting communities facing forced evictions and land-grabbing in Cambodia.  On Monday I posted about the ongoing threats against Venerable Sovath along with a video produced by our partner LICADHO where the Venerable responds to these threats. Hopefully, broader recognition of communities struggling for housing and land rights and the Venerable Sovath’s work supporting them, will deter the authorities from any further threats and intimidation against him.

Venerable Luon Sovath at WITNESS' 6th Annual Focus for Change Gala

The Hellman/Hammett grants, awarded annually, recognize and provide financial assistance to persons around the world for their commitment to free expression and courage in the face of political persecution.

More about LICADHO and the Venerable Loun Sovath

Since 2009, our partner organization in Cambodia, LICADHO, has been using video to document forced evictions and land-grabbing. We met the Venerable Loun Sovath, a Buddhist monk, through our work with LICADHO. His tireless campaigning for those at risk of forced eviction in Cambodia, has repeatedly put him at risk. Read more about the Venerable’s work in my previous post.

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2 thoughts on “Human Rights Watch Award Goes to Cambodian Monk Fighting Forced Evictions

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I would like to inform to the public that Venerable Loun Savath was arrested last morning at the Cambodain Surprem Court and sent to Defrock at Watbottum Watei Pagoda by the notorious Hight Ranking Monk officials.
    According to the information above, please all Khmer Nationalists help him as quickly as possible; otherwise it would be very late for helping.
    Thank you.

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