Today marks the first day of a six week period of focus on housing issues around the world called World Habitat Days. Collectively representing hundreds of organizations and thousands of activists, WITNESS, our partner the Habitat International Coalition, and 5 housing and land rights networks have organized the World Habitat Days to draw global attention and actions to housing issues around the world – as part of our larger focus on forced evictions.

The global theme, Right to Habitat: Resistance and Alternatives, will highlight the local resistance to forced evictions, alternatives being presented and collaborate action and research among the hundreds of members of these major networks. During the campaign, the participating networks will expose the causes and effects of forced evictions, the suffering and impoverishment of people affected by rural and urban habitat problems and create solidarity with activists for the right to habitat who have been victimized by repression and violence against their civil and political rights. Watch our video about forced evictions in Cambodia:

Uploaded on Flickr by WITNESS
Uploaded on Flickr by WITNESS

If you are already working to stop forced evictions or land-grabbing or know about an activist at-risk for fighting on either, add your campaigns and examples of how communities our resisting to a global mapping project.  Include any actions or ways others can get involved. If you are not working on a campaign, learn more about campaigns around the world simply by clicking on the map.  Some cases will be profiled further on the main World Habitat Days website during the next six weeks.

Also if you or your organization have planned events during the World Habitat Days, please add them to a global map showcasing events and actions taking place around the world.  Over the next six weeks, we’ll update you through the blog about particular campaigns and events that relates our global campaign on forced evictions.

The platform for the World Habitat Days was drafted and signed by dozens of organizations and collectives at this year’s World Social Forum in Senegal. World Habitat Days run for 6 weeks from 16 September – 31 October. Read more at the website.







3 thoughts on “Global Networks and WITNESS Unite Against Forced Evictions

  1. Forced evictions are also becoming more widespread in East Timor where the government can evict people without any judicial review. The lessons from forced evictions in other countries and the terrible consequences for the poor are lost in East Timor.

    The East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin compiles and publishes reports on executive evictions in that country.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’ve actually been on your website before – thanks for hosting this website with information on housing and land rights in East Timor. As you noted, it’s true the lessons of forced evictions are often lost – within the same city and countries where they occur – let alone crossing over into other countries. Hopefully video can be an important tool throughout local campaigns to change this. Send me a mail if there is video about forced evictions in East Timor – ryans (at) Thanks.

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