Over the past few weeks, we’ve featured several guest posts during the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence to highlight the use of video and technology by activists and organizations around the globe in the fight against gender-based violence.

I want to thank each of the contributors to the series for sharing their work and experiences. We heard from Julie Ann Salthouse, 16 Days Coordinator of the Center for Women’s Global Leadership on the vision of this year’s campaign theme – and on how the issues around gender, violence, and militarism intersect and create a very real challenge for all of us. She asks a question at the heart of these issues – how do we define human security?

We also heard from a former Video Advocacy Institute alumna, Mwelwa Kamanda of Camfed, on the making of a video about domestic violence in Zambia, “Hidden Truth.” She writes about the unique challenges and rewards of using video to capture such sensitive testimonies.

Amy Hill from Silence Speaks shared how their project with partner SAATHI is supporting Nepali women to use digital storytelling to share their personal stories of gender-based violence to to promote awareness and enforcement of Nepal’s Domestic Violence Act.

Finally, my colleague Marisa Wong shared an interview she conducted with filmmaker and educator Nuala Cabral on her film “Walking Home,” which highlights a form of harassment that’s less talked-about but yet experienced by many – street harassment.

It’s been incredibly inspiring for us to see the great examples of video, digital storytelling, and activism on gender-based violence spanning the globe – both through this guest blog series, but also through the work of our partners over the last nearly two decades.

Keeping the 16 Days Campaign Spirit Alive Year-Round

The 16 Days Campaign ends this Saturday (Human Rights Day), but the work continues. A common sentiment around the 16 Days Campaign (and on other commemorative dates relating to women’s rights) is that it’s a dedicated and inspiring time of increased focus on attention on gender-based violence issues – and if this level of attention could be focused on the individual, community, national and international level – every day, we’d be that much closer to reducing and eliminating the prevalence of gender-based violence in our societies.

Since there’s another 348 days until next year’s campaign, I’m leaving you with a selection of current and past work of our partners on the issue of gender-based violence.

Here’s to working in the spirit of 16 Days, every day!

WITNESS Partner Videos on Issues of Gender-Based Violence

“No Longer Silent: Women from Northern Uganda Demand Psychosocial and Livelihood Support” from our current partnership with Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice and the Greater North Women’s Voices for Peace Network in Uganda.

Also watch:

Hear Us: Women from Zimbabwe Speak Out Against Political Violence” from past partner Research and Advocacy Unit in Zimbabwe.

Dual Injustice: Feminicide and Torture in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua” from past partner Comisión Mexicana de Defensa y Promoción de Derechos Humanos.

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