Video from Syrian activists played a critical role in documenting the alleged chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs last week, and verification is more important than ever as international leaders continue to analyze available evidence of the attack.

This week, we are also watching the national campesino strike in Colombia, after the first independent report investigating allegations of human rights abuses during the strike is released.

Here are highlights from recently featured videos on the Human Rights Channel.


After the alleged chemical weapons attack, Syrians and international leaders called for the UN chemical weapons team that was in the country to be allowed to visit the site in the East Ghouta region. Yesterday, citizen videos were published  purporting to show that team in the Damascus suburb of Moadamiyeh interviewing doctors who treated victims of the attack.

On our Watching Syria playlist, you can see videos from the immediate aftermath of the August 21 attack (warning: very disturbing) as well as of residents of Aleppo showing solidarity with the victims, and an official response from rebel leaders (English translation at 16:15).


report out yesterday from Colombia outlines initial findings of the first independent probe into the human rights situation during an ongoing national campesino strike. Findings include serious allegations such as sexual abuse by police officers, massive and arbitrary arrests, and the use of ambulances to transport riot police. We’re in the process of sourcing and verifying videos that can help document or refute such claims, and are curating verified citizen video in this in-depth playlist. The video below, taken on August 25, shows a nighttime rally in support of the campesino strike.

The most recent citizen videos of human rights issues can always be found on our Citizen Watch and Watching Syria video playlists. Both are updated daily.

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