This week we’re watching the aftermath of Zimbabwe’s election, new allegations of chemical weapons in Syria, growing protests against the forced eviction of Bedouin Israelis, and Egyptian anti-coup activists use video to reject the military’s claims that they are terrorists. From the perspective of citizens on the ground, here are some highlights of Human Rights Channel this week.


Political activists and community media outlets documented Zimbabwe’s election, and their videos continue to emerge. In Bulawayo, a citizen reports the situation from a polling station in the following video:

Videos such as this one depict a process conducted without violence, but with plenty of concerns, as many Zimbabweans expressed their view that systemic corruption, censorship, and repression of Mugabe critics led to an unfair election. For more videos, see our Zimbabwe election playlist.


Just as a team of UN experts plans a trip to gather evidence of alleged chemical weapons use in Syria, reports of which we continue to follow, videos out this morning document a new case. In the Damascus suburbs of Douma and Adra, media activists report hundreds of victims taken to medical facilities after the early morning attack. They describe symptoms of suffocation, nausea, dizziness, and blurred vision, some of which can be seen in videos from the medical facilities. Please be advised that the playlist includes content which may be upsetting to some viewers.


Several citizen videos over the past few weeks document a growing resistance movement over an Israeli resettlement plan. The so-called Prawer Plan would forcibly evict tens of thousands of Bedouin Israelis. Opponents have held protests resisting what they see as a land grab. The video below was taken on August 1, and shows a clash between Israeli police and journalists covering the protest.


And finally, in Egypt, anti-coup activists and the organization, Free Egyptian Youth, are using online video to fight accusations by the military that they are terrorists.

In the video below, we hear testimony from protesters present during the violent attack on a protest at Rabaa Square two weekends ago.

And in this advocacy video, Egyptians from all backgrounds hold signs stating who they are–doctor, photographer, student, etc.–and that they stand against the coup.

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