Our partners from Brazil, ANCOP (which stands for the National Coalition of Local Committees for a Peoples World Cup and Olympics), have nominated FIFA for Public Eye Award and title of World’s Worst Corporation to spotlight FIFA’s role in the human rights abuses committed in the name of the World Cup in Brazil and other host countries.  

Why does FIFA deserve to win?  To find out, read ANCOP’s statement below and then please take a moment to VOTE and SHARE widely: http://publiceye.ch/en/case/fifa/


(From ANCOP): It’s always the same story: FIFA brings governments to their knees, violates human rights, takes our money, exploits our workforce and disrespects our culture.  Then FIFA leaves, taking billion-dollar profits for itself and its sponsors while ignoring all the losses left behind for the population of the host countries.

But in Brazil, something new happened last year: during the Confederations Cup, the Brazilian people rose up and took to the streets against a series of absurdities, including the role of FIFA (with governments and corporations) in imposing demands for how Brazilian taxpayer money should be spent in the lead up to the 2014 World Cup.

More people need to know what is really happening.  Help us make this message reach far and wide, and help us elect FIFA the worst corporation in the world, a prize organized by Public Eye Awards and known as the Nobel of corporate shame. If we get enough votes, its sponsors and supporters will need to do more to address these grave violations being conducted in the name of sports.

So, please vote and share with friends, families and networks to ask them to vote too.  We are currently in second place, but we need at least 20,000 more votes by January 20th for FIFA to be voted the world’s worst corporation.

In the protests that erupted across Brazilian cities in June 2013, people chanted, “World Cup for Whom?” and decried the outrageous public investments in stadiums and private developments in detriment of pressing social needs.  Up to now, it is estimated that more than $43 billion dollars of public money have been spent to prepare for a 30-day tournament. This is money that should be invested in schools, hospitals, housing, and public transport.

With more than 200,000 Brazilians losing their homes in brutal forced evictions stemming from construction projects related to these sporting events (often without compensation or reparations), FIFA continues trying to sell an image of the World Cup bringing only benefits to host countries.  With your help, our voices will speak louder – please VOTE!

More Information About Forced Evictions in Brazil

  • To read more about the violations in Brazil, ANCOP’s report: Megaevents and Human Rights Violations in Brazil, which documents widespread violations of labor rights, housing rights, civic and political rights, among others.
  • Support ANCOP and those raising their voices against these abuses: portalpopulardacopa.org.br
  • Watch videos with firsthand testimonies of people whose rights have been violated by FIFA’s World Cup here and here.

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