In solidarity with the One Billion Rising campaign and the fight to end gender-based violence, my colleagues and I stepped away from our to-do lists and slipped on our dancing shoes.  As we transformed our conference room into a dance floor, we also reflected on the brave human rights defenders who tirelessly expose abuses and demand justice for women and girls around the world. It is these dedicated activists who inspire us to continue fighting for peace, equality and justice for all. And they inspire us to dance…

New Translated Resources

Don’t worry, dancing isn’t the only thing we’ve been doing. Today we’re excited to announce that our 6-part video series, Guide to Conducting Interviews with Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence is available with Spanish subtitles (select “Spanish” from the closed captions button in YouTube).

These videos provide practical tips and insights from activists, survivors and experts on interviewing techniques, creating appropriate questions, safety and security and the effects of trauma on survivors. The series accompanies our written guide on Conducting Interviews with Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (also available in French and Spanish, Arabic is coming soon!).

Get Involved

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We’re working on translating both the written guide and the video series on “Conducting Interviews with Survivors” into more languages. What languages would be most useful in your work?

Want to help translate? Get in touch at translator [at] witness [dot] org!

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