One thought on “WITNESS at SXSW 2014: Talking Media, Mobile, Technology and Human Rights

  1. And one more on Monday 3:30-4:30pm, including Nathan Freitas from our partners at the Guardian Project,

    “Spies on All Sides: We Can’t Opt Out”

    The government is tracking who you call and when. Snoops are reading your emails. Internet companies like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo are working with companies you’ve never heard of to compile deep, secret profiles of millions of us, sell the data, and make billions.

    We’re being surveilled from all sides.

    This panel will address practical responses to the creeping techno-surveillance state. How are individuals and communities responding when so many of our private details are being hoovered up, in secret and for secret purposes? What are the best practices for navigating the spy-infested waters of the Internet?

    We’ve reached a point in which opting-out is no longer an option. Instead, we must arm ourselves with new digital habits, policy solutions and grassroots pressure to protect our digital rights.

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