This week in human rights video we discuss footage showing an American teen describing being beaten in Jerusalem, Brazilian activists questioning police conduct, and an update on police abuse in South Africa. Follow the Human Rights Channel on Twitter and visit us on YouTube for more.

Israel-Palestine: Youth Victims in a Cycle of Violence

Since the massive search for three Israeli teens came to an end with the discovery of their bodies on June 30, there has been no letup in a mounting cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians. Two days later, a Palestinian teen was burned to death in an apparent retribution killing. Videos then emerged showing Israeli forces beating someone on the ground in the Shuafat neighborhood of East Jerusalem. The victim was identified as Tarek Abu Khdeir, a 15-year-old from Florida visiting relatives in Palestine on holiday. When he was released from custody, he spoke with the press about his experience.

As Israel and Hamas exchange rockets and airstrikes, videos from citizens on both sides of the conflict convey the increasing sense of terror that is consuming their daily lives.

Brazil and the FIFA World Cup

While soccer fans probe the hows and whys of Brazil’s stunning defeat in the World Cup semifinals, human rights advocates are seeking answers about the treatment of activists, lawyers, and journalists at recent protests. Human rights leaders, including the housing rights advocate Benedito Roberto Barbosa and two lawyers observing a June 25 public debate in São Paulo, claim they were unlawfully arrested while conducting professional duties. Videos taken at protests throughout Brazil back up mounting charges of police misconduct as officers respond to protests, rallies, and public debates during the World Cup. See this video playlist for the latest footage from the ground.

A Video from Syria on the 4th of July

For 3 years, towns and cities throughout Syria have mounted resistance to President Bashar al-Assad as well as foreign militant groups. What makes Kafranbel in Idlib province distinct is its creative ways of attracting international attention and solidarity. Despite the Assad regime’s continued brutality, attacks by ISIS, and assassination attempts, Kafranbel’s activists continue their campaign of peaceful protests and their calls on the international community to act.

Update: Extrajudicial Killing in South Africa

The Human Rights Channel has been following the case of the killing of Mido Macia since we featured an eyewitness video of his fatal abuse at the hands of South African police officers last February. While nine officers have been accused of murder, they remained on the police force—though suspended without pay—until last week, when eight officers were dismissed. The trial, however, has been postponed several times, and is not scheduled to resume until February of next year.

[Image: Video still from video embedded above, of YouTube user Raed Fares]

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