We have a good number of staff on twitter. Many staff have been listening/sharing information about the siege on Gaza. Last Tuesday’s ‘Human Rights Video from Gaza, Costa Rica and Kenya’ listed the citizen videos we’ve seen from the escalating war thus far. I’m sure our next update from the Human Rights Channel will unfortunately list even more videos from Gaza. Needless to say, Gaza, is on our minds. This playlist is not trying to trivialize what’s happening… but to say there’s hope.

Featured photo by Filippo Minelli – West Bank wall, Palestine 2007

There's always 'Hope'
painting by MJ Moneymaker

When the impossible becomes possible by Heartbeat Breaks the Stage – Michael shared this about their music: The lyrics, in Arabic, Hebrew and English, reflect dialogue that takes place among group members and the often tense society they live in. “We have this song which asks, ‘What’s the Wall good for?'” said Israeli Guy Gefen, 22, who has been with Heartbeat from the start. “I think when people are afraid, they put those walls. They put those physical and psychological walls and it makes it that much easier to be afraid; it makes it that much easier to hate. And I say there’s no need for that. You don’t need to be afraid, you don’t need to hate.” For more: Although Peace Proves Elusive, Young Israelis, Palestinians Find Harmony

One Day by Matisyahu – It’s a beautiful anti-war anthem full of hope. When we see and hear stories of human rights abuses everyday, it’s nice to listen to songs of hope. ~ Miyoko

WenNaas by Toot Ard – Chorus lyrics say, “Where are the people who want peace? | if nothing happens then it’s just talk | where are the people who want peace tell me where.” The band Toot Ard (Strawberries) is a “mountain reggae” band from the majestic mountainside village of Majdal Shams in the Syrian Occupied Golan Heights/ Palestine. ~ MJ

Duo Amal (Hope in Arabic) pianists Bishara Haroni and Yaron Kohlberg – “Two young internationally known soloist formed a piano duo musical and virtuoso abilities with a message of hope and friendship the two peoples,” from video title card. ~ MJ

Tha Crossroads by Bones Thugs n Harmony – This song is about remembering those who have died from senseless violence “living in a hateful world.” ~ Yvonne

Imagine by John Lennon – Imagine gives us a hopeful vision of what our world could be. ~ Claire

War Again by Balkan Beat Box – I love BBB – their multi-culti sounds, their driving beats, and their pro-peace (yet un-preachy) lyrics. ~ Sara

One by U2 featuring Brian Eno – This is the version of the iconic U2 song which they performed in Sarajevo in September 1997, becoming the first major artist to host a concert since the end of the Bosnian War. The concert was seen as a morale-boost to communities still very much divided. ~ Matisse

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    Ana Tijoux – Somos Sur (Feat. Shadia Mansour)

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