This week’s theme for our Music Monday – Home Edition was prompted from a discussion I read online about why immigrates leave their homeland/homes.

It made me think of my parents’ story. Our family joke was that my Dad came to the U.S. on “a slow boat from China.” Guess the old adage is correct, “behind every joke, there is an underlying truth” because I learned he still remembers the number on the side of the cargo ship he came in on. This song list is dedicated to all who find themselves searching for a new home in order to be in a place that is safe and secure for themselves and family.

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Somalia – I love how Somali-Canadian rapper K’naan weaves in themes like the conflict in Somalia and politics into his music. Its art with a message! ~ Sarah

This Must be the Place by Talking Heads – I like this song because makes the concept of “home” more about how you feel about the place you’re in, rather than about the place itself. I also love the video! ~ Jackie

Latinoamérica by Calle 13 – An ode to and appreciation of the land, cultures, and people of Latin America. I’m not from there, but you can’t help but be drawn to the appreciation, admiration, and love in the song. ~ Morgan

Song of a Foreign Land by Muhammad Mundir – Visualising the struggle and survival of migrant workers in Malaysia. ~ Prakkash

Angola – Cesária Évora’s voice and music has always been a ‘home’ for many Africans across the globe. And for her global audience, she will always be revered. This is a beautiful song praising Angola and the joyful people of the country. Combined- of course- with the usual infectious melodies. Rest in power Cize. Your music will live on. ~ Sulafa

Todos Vuelven by Ruben Blades – I cannot listen to this song, especially the way Blades does it, without thinking of la tierra en que nací. Especially since I’m working on a documentary film about my familia’s journey to America. ~ Marco

Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel – Lyrics: Home where my thought’s escaping, Home where my music’s playing, Home where my love lies waiting, Silently for me. ~ Mary

My Father’s House by Bruce Springsteen – I played Bruce Springsteen’s album Nebraska over and over when I was in high school. It’s a dark, meditative album, which soothed me. “My Father’s House” reached me in a deep place. I had just moved to a new town — new house, new school — and the notion of returning to an old home was powerful. The lure of such a return is irresistible but also troubling, and Springsteen’s song acknowledges both. It is beautifully bleak. ~ Cindy

The Town I Loved So Well by Paddy Reilly ~ Sabrina

Mi Tierra by Gloria Estefan – The title says it… My Homeland – How we never forget home. ~ Mari

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