Since the escalation of violence in Gaza and Israel in mid-July, WITNESS has been working to share key resources with video activists documenting the events around them. As we hope for the extension of the current ceasefire and the creation of a long-term roadmap for peace, we want to share this list of materials publicly for other activists in the region and across the globe. These resources, available to in English and Arabic, aim to help citizen witnesses capture and share footage of human rights abuses and preserve their footage for use at a later date.

  • Authenticating Open Source Video: When sifting through videos shared via social media or amongst networks, it is important to verify the authenticity of citizen footage. Since videos can easily be downloaded, edited and re-shared, footage may look as though it shows one thing but may actually be of something else. This WITNESS Tip Sheet will guide you through all of the information needed to verify your video. To learn more about examples of why verification is necessary, check out this blog post by Human Rights Channel Curator Madeleine Bair on the use of citizen footage as propaganda during the current outbreak of violence in Gaza and Israel. Additionally, we recommend using Citizen Evidence Lab which has a step-by-step web form that takes you through the process of verifying video. هذه الموارد متاحة هنا باللغة العربية.
  • Activist’s Guide to Archiving Video: When filming for human rights, it is important to have system in place to preserve footage for future use should something happen to the equipment or the location where it is being stored. As we have learned in over 20 years of experience, justice takes time and often video footage is used years after it is shot. In areas under aerial attack, such as Israel and Gaza, we highly recommend activists employ archiving methods that will ensure their footage is safe. The Activists’ Guide for Archiving Video is a beginner’s guide to archiving principles to help activists safeguard their video.  هذه الموارد متاحة هنا باللغة العربية.

For more training resources, available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish check out our library on MediaFire.

Featured image via The Human Rights Channel on YouTube.

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