Yesterday was the first ever United Nation’s International Day To End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists. Frontline journalists or citizen journalists or whistleblowers, whatever we choose to call them, risk their lives everyday to undercover and expose truths. According to the UN, “A journalist has been murdered almost every week in the last decade for daring to report the truth. And worldwide, less than 10 percent of crimes against journalists lead to arrest or punishment.”

As the social media manager at WITNESS, I see these stories roll down our feed regularly from all different parts of the world. It’s made me wonder, especially since we asked a similar question at our benefit last month, what gives journalists the courage to do what they do despite the risks?

Below is a song list about journalism that ranges from a day in the life of journalists to questioning their bravery to the love/hate relationship with their sources.

Featured image is from about Banksy’s mural inspired by the notorious “Collateral Murder” audio leaked by Chelsea Manning.

A Day in the Life by The Beatles – Lyrics: I read the news today oh boy, About a lucky man who made the grade, And though the news was rather sad.

Wordy Rappinghood live by Tom Tom Club – I love me great music and justice for crimes against journalism, but the two together? The only song that comes to mind is only about words, not necessarily journalism (or crimes against it), but it’s a great one ~ Madeleine, Human Rights Channel curator

It Says Here by Billy Bragg – Lyrics: It says here the economy is on the upturn, And it says here we should be proud that we are free, And our free press reflects our democracy

Civil War Correspondent by PJ Harvey and John Parish – Lyrics: Save your tears for the next who dies, I shout but he don’t hear, I put down on the page, Darling spare me your tears, Just send me the light of day

The Secretive Life by Jill Sobule – Lyrics: And under my coat, I got a micro-recorder, A pad and a pencil, And a picture of you, I can’t believe you did that

Song for Edward Snowden by Joe Fox – Lyrics: Brave or Stupid?, Could I have done what you did?

Unknown Soldier by The Doors – Lyrics: Breakfast where the news is read, Television children fed, Bullet strikes the helmet’s head

Chasin’ Pavements by Adele – Lyrics: Should I give up?, Or should I just keep chasin’ pavements

Newspaper Man by Pete Seeger – Lyrics: Let’s give three cheers for freedom of the press

Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles – This is especially true now that journalists not only seem to have to be writers but photographers and videographers. ~ MJ

Dirty Laundry by The Eagles – This came from Journalist, Mallary Jean Tenore, who asked her Twitter followers and Poynter’s for recommendations of songs about news/journalism and she said the song that came up the most was Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”.

Yesterday’s Papers by The Rolling Stones

Tell The Truth by Eric Clapton – Live Remastered

I’m A Singer(Haterz) by M.I.A – This track is a response to a New York Times article about the artist. It was released after M.I.A tweeted the writers cell phone number and posted recordings of the actual interview.

Just Can’t Get Enough Paparazzi by DJs From Mars Remix of Lady Gaga vs. Depeche Mode – Lyrics: I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me, Papa-paparazzi

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