Sharing Stories to Combat Sexual Assault and Street Harassment

Activists organize throughout April to draw awareness and take action against sexual harassment and assault.

Ethical Examples of Interviewing Sexual Violence Survivors in the DRC

A series of interviews conducted by Lauren Wolfe, director of the Women’s Media Center’s Women Under Siege Project, provide examples of good practices we outline in our “Guide to Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.”

Reporting on Sexual Violence: Personal and Professional Challenges for Journalists

Covering sexual assault, including rape, can bring swift and unpredictable repercussions, leaving many journalists and others torn over how best to navigate the risks. A guest post from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

WITNESS Joins One Billion Rising Against Gender-Based Violence

This year for V-day the WITNESS staff is rising up to support the One Billion Rising campaign and to put an end to gender-based violence.

16 Highlights from the #16Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign

A list of 16 actions and stories we came across during this year’s campaign to end gender-based violence. We invite you to share projects, videos, and more to this list.

Nueva Guía sobre como entrevistar a Sobrevivientes de la Violencia basada en Género o Sexual

Hoy estamos orgullosos de anunciar un nuevo recurso de capacitación: Llevando a cabo entrevistas seguras, efectivas y éticas con sobrevivientes de la violencia basada en género o sexual.

Nouveau guide pratique pour interviewer les survivants de violence sexuelle et sexiste

Notre nouveau guide de formation comprend des réflexions et des recommandations pour toutes les personnes qui veulent interviewer des victimes de violence à caractère sexuel et sexiste.

Breakthrough Tells Men to #BeThatGuy

How a human rights organization blends video and social media to engage men to help end gender-based violence.

A Domestic Abuse Survivor’s Story: What It Took to Share and Tips for Advocates and Survivors

Author, Leslie Morgan Steiner shared her personal story of survival after being in “Crazy Love” with her first husband who continuously beat her and threatened her life. In her book and a TED talk, which now has over a million views, she shared her story and the misconceptions of being a domestic violence victim.

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