Citizen Video for Journalists…and Everyone Else

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Citizen Video for Journalists: How One Israeli Group Became a Trusted Source for News

The West Bank and Gaza challenge the most seasoned reporters. But B’Tselem and its citizen reporters use meticulous context and unwavering integrity to make human rights into headlines.

Citizen Video for Journalists: Finding the Story

What a video doesn’t show is sometimes the heart of the story. Liam Stack, who curates citizen video at the New York Times, explains how he finds videos and tells the stories of the unknowns.

Citizen Video for Journalists: Contextualization

Citizen videos can provide as many questions as answers. Lara Setrakian of Syria Deeply discusses how to contextualize citizen reporting and avoid information overload.

Citizen Video for Journalists: How to Build a Newsroom on Twitter, with Andy Carvin

Twitter can be a rumor mill—or a newsroom. NPR’s Andy Carvin shares ideas for developing an informative and reliable online community for news gathering.

Citizen Video for Journalists: Verification

Citizen video is becoming a powerful new reporting tool. But faked footage threatens to break the trust that’s so critical to newsrooms and audiences. Storyful reporter Della Kilroy demystifies the verification process, sharing important lessons for reporters and human rights researchers alike.

Citizen Video for Journalists: A New Blog Series

Citizen video takes journalists to inaccesible corners of the world, putting viewers on the scene long before news crews. In this bi-weekly series, news innovators explore tools, strategies, and ethics of using citizen video to report the news.