The ‘Yes Men’ Talk Video, Activism, and Climate Change

As they release their third feature film, The Yes Men Are Revolting, we talk with the devious duo about how they use film for activism and their current focus on climate change.

WITNESS Stands With Youth Fighting Legal Battle for Climate Justice

WITNESS joined other organizations and advocates in filing an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to support young people suing the federal government for not acting to reverse climate change.

We Must Act: Obama Announces Climate Action Plan, Citing Health of Future Generations

Obama announced his climate change plan, advocating for future generations the same way TRUST activists have done for themselves and their communities.

Young People Inspiring Young People Through Live Blogging

I had never read a live blog before, but that didn’t stop me from giving social justice filmmaker Karly Placek the go-ahead to write on my climate change campaign. And I’m glad I did.

A Big Year For WITNESS

A changing world needs a changed vision: committing to support the millions who can transform the human rights landscape with video.

Stand with our Youth: Write to President Obama and Ask for a Climate Recovery Plan

Children share a future threatened by climate change, and many have found ways to make their voices heard. The youth of the TRUST Campaign have told their stories in a remarkable series of short videos, and they’ve taken action in the court.

20 Powerful Moments in Human Rights Video

Every year on December 10th, human rights organizations mark International Human Rights Day. To highlight our 20th anniversary and Human Rights Day, we’re sharing 20 significant human rights video moments. Compiled by the entire WITNESS team and presented in chronological order, the list reflects instances where video (or film) made a difference: as evidence in a court or tribunal, galvanized mass mobilization or outrage, marked a turning point, a new use of technology for human rights, and more.

16-year-old Climate Advocate Speaks Out on Hurricane Sandy

16-year-old Maya Faison from Queens, New York recently shared her thoughts on Hurricane Sandy and climate change in an article published by Climate Progress. Maya wrote the article on her sixth day without heat, her sixth day without power, and her sixth day with no gas in her mom’s car to escape. What troubled me most in what she shared is this: “I feel let down and disappointed that it’s taken a major storm that has taken over 40 lives and counting for my elected leaders to acknowledge the reality of climate change.”

After Hurricane Sandy, Our Youth Call on Us: Be Upstanders, Not Bystanders. Vote for Climate Justice!

Over the last year, we filmed youth from across the country – literally from Boston, Massachusetts to a village just inland from the Bering Sea – whose lives have already been changed by the deterioration of our Earth’s atmosphere. These award-winning video portraits showcase how our youth are bravely taking legal action against our governments’ collective failure to take serious climate action.

TRUST Oregon: Kelsey Juliana Asks Courts to Recognize her Generation’s Right to a Healthy Atmosphere

Since the world’s key decision makers and our legislature’s refuse to lead us out of our climate crisis and protect our air and water, our youth, between classes, after school and on weekends, are stepping up and asking the courts to recognize and honor their constitutional right to a healthy atmosphere. In Oregon, Kelsey Juliana’s parents taught her not to take the air and water for granted.

The Human Cost of India’s Genetically Modified Agriculture

Director Micha X. Peled, in his dramatic film, Bitter Seeds, introduces us to citizens of a small Indian town who are dealing with the impacts of GMO seeds in their community. Bitter Seeds is a dire warning to us about the potentially devastating impacts on US agriculture due to GMO seeds. The film offers an intimate portrayal of the financial, family and social tolls these seeds have had on the farmers.

TRUST Pennsylvania: America’s Youth Have Solutions to Climate Change, Let’s Follow Their Lead

Over the course of the last year, I have been working with a dynamic, committed and brilliant group of young Americans who don’t have trouble imagining a future different from the present. They don’t block out complex problems that lack simple solutions and instead find the solutions.

TRUST: Connecting Catastrophe with Climate Change

My biggest hope is that the media – and then the public – will begin connecting our weather catastrophes with climate change so we will not only hear what the climate is trying to tell us, but will also listen.

Ideas, Buzz Words and Connections at the Social Innovation Summit 2012

What do the President of JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Lady Gaga’s mother, a young woman computer programming whiz, the former Hollywood director of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the Chairman of World Economic Forum and a former NFL player have in common? They all spoke, along with many more, at the Social Innovation Summit of 2012, held at the United Nations last week.

TRUST Colorado: Understanding What It Means to Protect Our Atmosphere

Justinian concluded that these essential, common, natural resources belong to everyone and not just the Emperor or the privileged. Consequently, the Roman Empire protected these resources in trust, for the public. This hallowed legal principle, referred to as the Public Trust Doctrine, is perhaps most simply explained by 11-year-old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez…