This Week On The Human Rights Channel – Egypt, Ukraine, Israel and Yemen

This week citizen footage takes us to protests in the streets of Cairo and Sanaa. We also look at video condemning the state of Israel for failing to protect Thai agricultural workers from exploitation.

The 2014 Human Rights Citizen Video – Year in Review

Police brutality, forced evictions, political protests and migrant abuse. A look back at 2014’s human rights struggles through citizen footage. What videos did we watch, and what impact did they have?

Human Rights Video Weekly: Cambodia, Colombia, Kenya and Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of Cambodian migrants flee Thailand, victims of Columbia’s ongoing conflict share their stories and Kenyan activists are jailed for speaking out.

Consent, Privacy, and A Video of Sexual Assault

In Part 2 of our series on the Ethics of Curating Citizen Video, we discuss a video documenting sexual assault in Egypt.

Mapping Our Materials: The Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit Goes Global

Highlights from Brazil, Burma, Colombia, Egypt, Philippines and Scotland on how the Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit is being used by activists, artists and communities. Part one of a two-part series.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Colombia, Egypt, and Syria

This week we bring you video from five continents on issues ranging from police brutality to refugee issues and economic rights.

The Square’s Jehane Noujaim on Filming a Revolution

An interview with filmmaker Jehane Noujaim whose “The Square” is nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary.

The Human Rights Video Weekly: Citizens Documenting in Cambodia, Vietnam and Palestine

This week, our eyes are on civil movements in Southeast Asia and citizen video from Palestine prompting demand for an investigation.

Human Rights Channel Weekly Update: Protests in Ukraine and Thailand

This week protests in the Ukraine and Thailand threaten the stability of those two governments, while the next government of Honduras is up in the air following last month’s contested elections. Drone footage, protest videos, and international observers bring us images of those and other human rights stories.

Human Rights Channel Weekly Update: Protest Restrictions in Egypt and #16Days of Activism

In Egypt, protesters have taken to the streets to oppose a new law restricting freedom of association. Meanwhile contenders in Honduras’ presidential election are both claiming victory, and WITNESS releases new video resources for the #16Days campaign.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Cairo’s Tahrir Square Monument

In the past week, citizen journalists have taken us from Cairo’s Tahrir Square to garment worker protests in Cambodia and the Commonwealth Summit in Sri Lanka.

The Week in Human Rights Video: Survivors of Syria’s Chemical Attack Speak Out

As world leaders gather at the UN this week for the General Assembly, we are keeping one eye on citizen journalists who are reporting on human rights and the impact of international policy from the ground.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Egypt, Bulgaria, South Africa and Indonesia

This week, video captured of Egyptian armed forces violently attacking protestors, miners in South Africa rallying a year after the Marikana massacre, and more in human rights video from Bulgaria and Indonesia.

Egypt’s Unrevolutionary Conduct: Sexual Harassment of Women Protestors

Our latest in-depth playlist takes a look at one aspect of the political turmoil in Egypt that many would rather keep hidden: gender-based violence.