Siete Meses Después – ¿Qué Papel Tuvo el Video en el Movimiento de Ayotzinapa?

Hablamos con la Agencia Subversiones sobre el uso de video durante el movimiento de protesta que siguió a la desaparición de 43 estudiantes mexicanos el otoño pasado.

Filming Resources for Protests Honoring Missing Students of Ayotzinapa

With additional marches for the missing students of Ayotzinapa scheduled for December 1 (#1dicMx), it’s more important than ever to document these events with video and photos. Use these resources to prepare for today’s protest and those to follow.

Todxs Grabamos: Nuevas Protestas por los Estudiantes de Ayotzinapa

Con más marchas organizadas para el 1 de Diciembre (#1dicMx), hoy más que nunca se hace necesaria la documentación a través de video, fotografías. Usan estas recursos para preparar para esta marcha y las que siguen para justicia para los estudiantes de Ayotzinapa.

The Ties That Bind Us In the Fight to Expose Human Rights Abuse

In her monthly message, WITNESS’ executive director looks back on human rights stories from October and reflects on how our work resonates as more and more of us fight to expose human rights abuses.

Uso del video para la defensa del territorio en México

En agosto un grupo de medios libres se reunieron en Amilcingo, Mexico para intercambiar herramientas de comunicación y información sobre video para el cambio social para la defensa de la tierra, territorio y recursos naturales.

This Week on the Human Rights Channel: Syria, Mexico, Honduras

Images and first person accounts from Syrian refugees, a Mexican student who survived a deadly police attack, and Honduran villagers evicted from their homes.

!Bienvenid@s a Video para el Cambio América Latina y el Caribe!

Herramientas y materiales para video activistas que se encuentren en riesgo o en situaciones que requieran una respuesta inmediata.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico

From the Papua New Guinean police force, to the heart of Mexico’s cartel territory, to the occupied favelas of Rio de Janeiro, we share recent citizen videos from these locations and more.

The Cost of A Border Surge? 5,000 Dead and Counting

A new documentary shows the human cost of immigration through the stories of migrants’ remains found in the Sonoran desert, and through those who work to identify them.

Victims of the Latin American War on Drugs Make the Case for Reform

Latin American drug policies have made no dent in the drug trade; instead they have taken a tremendous toll on human lives. In 2009, the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and the Transnational Institute (TNI) embarked on an ambitious project to document the real impact of Latin America’s “war on drugs” and to show its human cost through the video testimoniesof the victims themselves.

Mexico: Peoples’ Tribunal Confirms “Gross Violations” in Dam Projects

Communities harmed by dam projects in Mexico won an important victory. A panel of international experts serving as judges for the Mexico chapter of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) recognized a pattern of “gross and systematic human rights violations” in the construction of dams throughout Mexico over the past 40 years. More than 185,000 people have been forcibly evicted.

Dam-Affected Communities in Mexico Take Government to Peoples’ Tribunal

On November 5-6, many of our local partners fighting forced evictions in Mexico will travel to the small town of Temacapulín, in Jalisco state, to tell their stories to an international panel of judges representing the Mexico chapter of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT).

Major Victory for Activists Fighting the La Parota Dam in Mexico

After nearly 10 years of campaigning to save their homes and lands, our partners from the CECOP network in Mexico are celebrating a significant victory on the path to the definitive cancellation of the La Parota dam project. If built, the dam would forcibly evict at least 25,000 campesinos and small farmers from their lands and negatively impact an additional 75,000 people due to environmental changes downstream and throughout the region.

People Before Profit: New Video on Global Forced Evictions

New video People Before Profit – bringing communities across the world together to tell the global story of forced evictions. WITNESS has supported forced evictions campaigns for more than 10 years. During this time, these projects have amplified the voices of communities across the world. For World Habitat Day we are bringing many of these voices together for the first time to tell another story.

Mexico Partners Use Video to Pressure Governor, Influence Media, Document Protests

A few weeks ago, I met our forced evictions campaign partners in Mexico and we traveled together to Temacapulín, a small community in the mountains of Jalisco state that has been fighting its own eviction for several years due to the construction of the El Zapotillo Dam.