So we stayed up a little too late talking about the day’s amazing successes. You should have been there! The meeting with the President, frantically amending the press release in the car on the way to the screening at the British Council (since it went from anticipated bad news to good news!) and then an incredibly spirited discussion between human rights advocates and the Attorney General and the Presidential Spokesperson at the press conference….We are heading out today, taking a little speedboat James Bond style to the airport. We’ll have to wade thru the water so bags are going on a ferry. Hopefully some shots of that later!




Here we are on the helicopter the day we arrived. I have to run to get a Sierra Leone t-shirt for my daughter Tess — she is almost 3 so I told her I had to fly all the way to Sierra Leone to get her a new Sierra Leone t-shirt. She was here when she was 18 months old and the t shirt she got is her favorite.

4 thoughts on “Heading home

  1. Wowsers. Congratulations on an amazing achievement. Just amazing and yet considering who was involved, not surprising.
    Hope Tess likes her new T-shirt.
    Sarah in Washington, D.C.

  2. What great work! You set out with an immense goal in mind and accomplished it! All of you are truly amazing.

  3. All three of you, your work has been an inspiration. I definately need to get involved in one way or another. I can't stop looking at this site, even at work!
    Have a safe trip back home!!

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