So the night is young (again!) but I think the day was a real success.  Angelina Jolie joined me and our consultant Gavin Simpson and our 4 key allies from Sierra Leone in an intense and productive meeting with the President of Sierra Leone, his Attorney General and other key advisors. In that meeting, he made a commitment to printing the White Paper which will propose changes to the the laws within no more than two weeks of receiving the final print of the TRC report, which we are assured is coming soon from Ghana.  He also responded positively to our requests to involve human rights advocates in finalizing the White Paper, and in implementing the recommendations.

I am sure this all sounds so dry.  What does it mean? I think it means Sierra Leone stands a fighting chance of creating a sustainable and lasting peace.  I think it means a process which was stalled is now reinvigorated, and Angelina has pledged her full support to helping bring new donors to the table when the key next steps are taken.

Now, I know I promised you a photo and I have lots of them.  I hope we can get it online with this internet connection later tonight…my time.  Stay tuned!

PS We’re also all over the news on this one. People love the tomb raider and we think this is her most important role yet!

12 thoughts on “Success!

  1. dear angelina,
    stay strong to work for the humatarian work . because people who are living such a condition needs so much incouragement from the brave women in this world.

  2. I think that a little too much hubris is being served up on this site. You really overestimate the impact of your visit. yes .. it's nice to have an attractive celebrity along to help get you into meetings, but I doubt that you've caused anything to really change.

  3. Dear Angellina
    i strongly support your humanitarian work and sympathy. I am original Afghan i wish we have the same strong committee to rout out mischief and corruption system in Afghanistan.I wish you good luck and all the best.

  4. Dear Gillian:
    While searching for a film entitled The Witness, I happened upon your journal. As a believer in irony I hope that you will forgive my intrusion.
    The Witness is a film about animal abuse. I am often asked why I support the rights of animals when there is such overwhelming human suffering. It’s odd to me that people believe that if you are in support of one that you must not be in support of the other. I try to explain that I believe that the fight is ideologically the same, that compassion begets compassion and that it is that volatile conviction of supremacy which has waged injustices throughout history. When you see someone or something as beneath you, it eases your ability to justify your behavior. They are just Tutsis, they are simply Jews, they are merely animals. All of whom suffer as all sentient beings do.
    I commend your organization for offering a voice to such atrocities. I fear empty words would hasten my tongue when personally confronted by questions too implausible and deplorable to imagine. For those of you touching the hands of the tormented, you have my admiration and love. For those of you in Brooklyn, you have a new advocate and West Coast volunteer.
    Wishing you continued success in Sierra Leone.
    Los Angeles, California

  5. Thank you for the updates, this is proving to be a really effective tool for getting information out quickly, and straight from the source!
    I am thoroughly enjoying reading all of your updates and I hope that Witness keeps the blogging system for other trips as well.
    As a cultural studies and media major, it is extremely useful. Last semester a group, myself included, did a project on community media as a tool for setting forth change and it would have been very helpful if other organizations and NGO's used blogs or diaries as well. I'm glad Witness has started it, you'll be the pioneering force and hopefully others will follow.
    Thank you!

  6. This is great news.
    You are doing wonderful, admirable work.
    I want to you thank you and Angelina from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your inspiration, determination and persistance.
    I pray that your efforts continue to be fruitful and there will be peace in Sierra Leone
    Vancouver, Canada

  7. That's the best news I have heard today! Please continue the great effort!! Witness & Ms. Jolie will make a difference!!

  8. Your efforts in Sierra Leone are tremendous and admirable. I did not know of Witness before this blog, but I'm grateful to now know that the country has its full support and dedication in the struggle for lasting peace. It is because of people like you and Angelina that Sierra Leone has a fighting chance. Your good works will be remembered!
    San Diego, California

  9. Amazing!!!!
    How is this possible???
    How can individuals have such an effect?!
    I am not worthy!!
    Sinan, Naples, Florida

  10. That's wonderful news, Gillian!
    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. I have learned a lot from this blog and the Witness website during the last 3 days.
    Keep up the great work! People like you and Angelina are a true inspiration to me…
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  11. That's great news. Keep up the stellar work; everything you're doing is a step in the right direction and a push to everyone else to do their own part.
    A big "thank you",
    Steve – Montreal, Canada

  12. Brilliant:))
    …Happy that things are going the right way:)
    Thanks Witness…and thank you Angelina J. »'.'«
    Besides the photos:) is Witness going to let us see a VIDEO soon?
    all the best
    gab, Portugal

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