Another good post from unmediated originally from techdirt:
China has a long history of being a bureaucratic society — and it seems they’re really learned how to apply that bureaucracy to the internet. They have tens of thousands of people monitoring the internet, for example. However, they’re really going to ridiculous extremes in trying to slow down the production of non-approved content. A year ago, we mentioned that they wanted every website to register with the government. Earlier this year, they wanted everyone who ran an email server to register as well. The latest, then, really isn’t too surprising. With the rapid rise in popularity of online video sites, the Chinese government is now planning to require every user-created video to first be “approved” before it can be posted online. Considering the pace at which people add videos to sites like YouTube and Google Video, this sounds like a nearly impossible task if you actually want people to generate content. Of course, that’s the point. They don’t want people to generate their own content, because they might produce content the government doesn’t like.

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