One thought on “Top 10 Video Sharing Sites Reviewed

  1. Thanks for this list Bryan.
    I didn't have enough time this afternoon to look through all the sites. But from what I saw on, Dailymotion, YouTube, Veoh, Google Video, VideoEgg here are some initial thoughts: seems to have one of the more user friendly formats- the less is more approach. Clear navigation, mininal but useful background information in the About Us section and a variety of uploaded videos in circulation on the home page. No scrolling necessary (at least on the home page) helps prevent visitors from feeling overwhelmed.
    Other services like Dailymotion get a great amount of international traffic which is missing from the other sites listed (or again, at least the ones I had a chance to look at today or are already familiar with). Most of the content seems entertainment oriented (either for the creator or meant to be entertaining for the audience). Cultural divides and gaps are possibly made larger here tho as with a video I saw: a duo of French lip sync-ers with advanced camera work and perhaps too much time on their hands do a medly of French & American pop. Their pitfall is not in keeping in time with Michael Jackson's softspoken but sexy intro to "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough" but with them in full rap video framing mouthing the words to a song that even some African Americans would take issue with for its use of the "N" word. Much less two white dudes "performing" it.
    They are clearly bilingual so they know what they're "rapping".
    I could go on with my impressions about the other services but I think the issue above (two white French people rapping what might be offensive lyrics all for the name of creativity and entertainment) go to the heart of what will be tricky with a human rights video hub. How not to stifle freedom of speech but to also be mindful of that which might be re-cut to serve purposes not originally intended. The mostly French language comments posted to the little music video lip syncers are encouraging and lighthearted, they enjoyed the entertainment value.
    But what if someone else with other interests stumbles upon it, lifts the segment of the rap and places it strategically on a white power site.
    I thought it was one of the more well executed spoofs I'd seen in a while but this is a viral world we live in and its easier than ever to reappropriate material to suit our needs.
    Or am I just paranoid about this because we've been talking about this kind of scenario so much in the office?

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