Here’s a follow up to my last post about imprisoned video blogger, Josh Wolf.
CNET’s interview with Josh Wolf, a video blogger who is Federal prison for refusing to hand over footage he shot during a G8 protest held San Francisco in July 2005. An SFPD police car was damaged during the protest and because the SFPD receives Federal Anti-Terrorism funding, the case is being considered in Federal rather than California State court, thus bypassing the California Shield law which protect journalist from naming their sources.
In the interview, Wolf talks about being careful about what footage he showed on his video blog. I think in this sense, it bears some similarities to what we are asking of participants in the Video Hub.
From the interview:

When I went in and began documenting this movement, I gave my word to numerous people that I would only publish what my discretion allowed and beyond that would not turn over additional material. So they are sources in a different sort of way than the Judith Miller case, but there still is an element of protecting sources and also protecting people’s right to privacy and freedoms of association.

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