Hi Everyone,

We’re back home in New York City and still reeling from the success of the event.

Gillian said that as she walked down the aisle on the airplane headed back to NY, she saw lots of people reading articles about the event in the newspaper. It was heavily covered by the Mexican press. CANANA (Icunacury!) and La Comision (Alejandro!) did an absolutely amazing job.

And apparently the government is paying attention as well. The governor of Chihuahua even issued a statement in response to all of the press coverage. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Read some of the * articles* from these newspapers: La Jornada, El Universal. *Articles are in Spanish.

And here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.


Gael at the press conference.


CANANA on the red carpet.


WITNESS and Diego signing the urgent action letter to President Calderon.

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