About the witness media archive blog: our purpose is to share news, developments, and upcoming events, and to discuss topics relating to our work: moving images archives, human rights archives, human rights documentation, preservation, digitization, metadata, social issue documentary, and a few other things I’m sure.

Upcoming event: The Society of American Archivists Conference (SAA) Chicago August 28 – September 1. I will be speaking on a panel on “Activism in the Archives: Working with Human Rights Collections” along with Csaba Szilagyi of the Open Society Archives and Patrick Stawski of Duke University. Here is the session description:

“The number of repositories focusing on human rights collections has risen as scholars, researchers, and the public have become more aware of the global and local impact of human rights abuses. What role should archivists play in social justice work? How do we collect and preserve sensitive and/or controversial materials? Panelists discuss issues in human rights documentation and highlight the experiences of those working with human rights and social justice collections.”

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