Congratulations to our friends at Psiphon, who have won the Grand Prize at the Forum Netxplorateur in Paris – deserved recognition for a very exciting tool…

What we didn’t know until Psiphon told us is that the Hub was selected too as one of the Netxplorateur 100 – “100 Net trailblazers creating new digital practices with high potential for economic and social impact.”

All 100 Netxplorateurs developed a tangible, innovative and meaningful project in 2007. Together they embody the future of the Web and the digital era as a whole.

The Hub has only been running for three months now, so it’s even more humbling to be in such exalted company, alongside dopplr, MySociety‘s e-petitions site,, and Ning – and they didn’t even make the Top 10, which includes Twitter, and One Laptop Per Child.  Our thanks to the selection committee, and to the Forum Netxplorateur for their recognition of the Hub‘s potential as a transformative tool for human rights.

Over the coming months we’ll be looking to work with other members of the Netxplorateur 100 (among others) to develop and provide more content, tools and expertise for the hundreds of organizations and activists already using the Hub and those yet to, to help facilitate their work to advance human rights worldwide using video. If you’re interested in working with us, we’re always happy to hear from you…

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