Two of my fine colleagues have been interviewed on other blogs recently about WITNESS’ model of video advocacy.

The first is an interview withProgram Director, Sam Gregory, conducted by Henry Jenkins the Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program on his personal blog after meeting Sam at the recent DIY Video Summit hosted at the University of Southern California. The interview is a great background to how WITNESS got started and how we’ve evolved (i.e. from literally giving video cameras away to human rights activists to providing more strategic guidance to activists in how to incorporate video into their campaigns to the creation of the hub). For anyone who’d like to know more about us, and even for those who know us well, check out this informative interview.

The second is posted by CityLimits – an organization that focuses on fostering discussions about policy, programs and the people involved in New York City. In “Its Not a Movement Without a Movie” editor Karen Loew examines the explosion of hyper-local media creation by NYC activists and advocacy groups. Suvasini Patel, our Communications Manager is cited referencing the potential of video to galvanize and inspire grassroots communities.

Both articles speak to the power and the ease with which more and more people are employing video for specific causes. Kind of like what users can do on the Hub.  Consider this an invitation to get uploading! (or sharing, or commenting/ rating, joining a campaign).

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