Tomorrow is UNESCO World Day for Audivisual Heritage. Our good friends at Audiovisual Preservation Solutions have issued a callout for stories of audiovisual preservation as part of a “project designed to garner support for audiovisual archive preservation planning and project implementation from influencers, policy makers and funding organs,” which they have christened YOUR ARCHIVE DESERVES ADVOCACY (YADA).

“These stories will be published on our website, and some will be selected for use in our ongoing efforts to inform private and public funding decision makers, both of what is being achieved, and what can be achieved with their support.”

Read the AVPS blog for more, and watch the same space tomorrow for a profile of The Jazz Loft Project, “an excellent example of how a person or organization convinced of the cultural value of previously inaccessible audiovisual content was able to garner the support necessary to both make unique materials accessible, and to preserve them for posterity.”

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