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On Wednesday, Zimbabweans go to the polls to vote in a general election. Given the short notice for the nationwide vote, and recent statements indicating Mugabe’s determination to win at all costs, many fear a repeat of the vote-rigging and wide-spread sexual and political violence that marred the last general election in 2008.

Our new playlist on the Human Rights Channel compiles reports from news outlets, raw video from political activists, and two animations that use satire to depict civil society’s concerns (see rap battle and cartoon). In all, they depict a concern among Zimbabwean civil society that Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party will obstruct the process of free and fair elections, and that the country will experience a repeat of the violence that accompanied the 2008 vote. Watch the playlist below:

Documenting the Elections

We’ve created a new tip sheet to help citizen journalists and activists safely and effectively document events surrounding the elections. Download a PDF version of “Elections & Human Rights Video Documentation” here. We’ve also embedded it below for quick reference.


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