UPDATED October 2: Watch the opening presentation here

UPDATED October 2: Join the Google Group looking at Next-Gen Human Rights Witnessing

This week WITNESS will co-sponsor an event at the Institute for the Future (IFTF) on new ways to “witness” and conduct human rights activism. The event is part of a ‘Future for Good’ fellowship that I have had this summer at the Institute – you can read more about it in this blog post.

TOGETHER is a ‘co-presence for good’ camp at the IFTF in Palo Alto on September 28th bringing together human rights workers, futures thinkers, journalists, activists, techies, researchers and storytellers to look how to design, hack, plan immersive experience and co-presence approaches for next-generation human rights witnessing.

At TOGETHER we’ll look at how to harness the potential of experiential, real-time, synchronous witnessing, learning, and engagement for human rights activism, news reporting and general social goodness. How does the power to ‘walk in someone’s shoes’, to see through others’ eyes, and to be part of live, interactive immersive witnessing drive concrete productive actions, engagement and understanding across borders and timezones? How can the empathetic connection of real-time immersive experience be combined with task-routing and workflow approaches to involve people in other locations in ways that fully optimize the use of their skills and leverage? Together we’ll conceptualize, share and hack provocative tech prototypes and tactical and design hacks.

If you’re in the Bay Area on September 28th, it’s free – Sign up to participate!

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