This week we are focused on Sudan, where videos by protesters and bystanders are documenting violent clashes with the police. Because of press censorship and disputed statements from the government regarding the deaths of protesters, these videos may help provide additional information about the clashes themselves.

Also new on the channel this week: a rare activist video taken in Cuba and environmental protests in Romania. Here are highlights from recently featured citizen videos:


The latest videos on our playlist of the uprising in Sudan depict funerals over the weekend of slain protesters, which turned into marches for freedom and for justice for the dozens of individuals reportedly killed in clashes with the police. Last summer, the Human Rights Channel also covered Khartoum protests through citizen video. While the cause and the makeup of that uprising was different–centered around university tuition–we saw violent suppression of the protests by authorities then as we have this past week.

It is also important to note that professional and citizen journalists in Sudan have been the target of arrests when they film civil society movements, and we are also monitoring the situation with an eye toward the safety of those filming. These videos offer guidance in Arabic on how to film protests safely and effectively.


Anger over Cambodia’s July elections has steadily gained steam, with the opposition this week calling for a massive demonstration on October 23 and repeating calls for a UN investigation of alleged election irregularities. In this street interview with Prince Sisowath Tomico, he explains his decision to start a hunger strike to protest the election results:


Citizen videos provide documentation of Sunday’s attack on a school in Raqqa, Syria. According to a Human Rights Watch report released today, at least 12 of the 14 killed were children attending their first day of class.

The most recent citizen videos of human rights issues can always be found on our Citizen Watch and Watching Syria video playlists. Both are updated daily.  

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