It’s the end summer, though in NYC this past week, it felt like the middle of summer. Before the season starts to chill, we’re taking a look back at our top Music Monday summer playlists. [all]

Get ready to put on the headsets for your commute home and dance like no one’s watching. (When my colleague Matisse and I share an office, it’s a dance party.)

Featured photo from and British artist Luke Jerram.

Palestine Edition
If there’s one song to listen to from this list it is “Somos Sur” by Ana Tijoux. I’ve been playing it like a broken record.
FIFA Go Home Edition
This list has all kinds of gems and to me is an example of the importance of art and music in social movements and human rights.
May The Force Be With You Edition
The Jedi song rocks.
Cinco de Mayo Edition
This is one the first lists I curated and I fell in love with “Las Cafeteras” playing their version of “La Bamba Rebelde”. I knew from then on curating these lists would be a favorite part of my work week.
Gaza On Our Minds
If you haven’t heard “Heartbeat,” take a minute to listen to this one song performed by Israeli and Palestinian musicians.
Ferguson Edition
This playlist introduced me to artists that I hadn’t  heard of before and gives me a reflection of their America.

In curating these list I’ve also come across music playlists recommended to me via social media that I highly recommend adding to your favorites.

Playing for Change
This is from an organization called “Playing for Change”. I really like this list because each cover song is mixed together from musicians from all over the world.
Protest Music
This is a list of protest music curated by @RayBeckerman who we’ve been following on twitter for a long time.
Music from Around the World
This is from “Real World Records” started by Peter Gabriel (our co-founder) and explores music from around the world.

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