• Fortifying the Truth in the Age of Synthetic Media and Generative AI Written by Raquel Vazquez Llorente, Jacobo Castellanos, and Nkem Agunwa. In March 2023, WITNESS hosted in Nairobi, Kenya, over 20 journalists, fact-checkers, technologists, policy advocates, creators, human rights defenders and community activists from six African countries: Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria and Zambia. In our two-day workshop, we discussed threats and opportunities that generative AI […] WITNESS May 17, 2023
  • Building Human Rights Oriented Guidelines for Synthetic Media Takeaways/TLDR:  Partnership on AI, in collaboration with WITNESS and other key allies, has published the Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media Framework, which offers guidelines for developing, creating, sharing, and publishing synthetic media ethically and responsibly.  The Framework is directed towards those building technology and infrastructure for synthetic media, those creating synthetic media, and those distributing […] Jacobo Castellanos February 28, 2023
  • Introducing { Latent Space } – a technology newsletter from WITNESS —August 2020 Technology touches all of our lives, so it touches all of the work we do at WITNESS. But there are some areas of technology more than others that are focal points for our Emerging Threats and Opportunities and Tech + Advocacy programs. We’re in the vanguard of conversations on artificial intelligence and synthetic […] WITNESS August 17, 2020