The International Criminal Court’s Quest for Scientific Evidence

By focusing on collecting scientific evidence, including better video evidence, the ICC hopes to build stronger cases.

Ella Baker Center Continues the Fight for “Books Not Bars”

WITNESS caught up with our friends at the Ella Baker Center for an update on the 2001 campaign “Books Not Bars”, a youth-led movement that targeted the juvenile prison system in the California and pushed to end to the prison industrial complex in the U.S.

El barrio de la Cascada dice no a los desalojos

La Cascada es un barrios donde actualmente los habitantes se encuentran resistiendo a los desalojos y exigiendo la intervención del gobierno para solucionar de forma integral el problema de deterioro de las viviendas.

This Week on the Human Rights Channel – Cuba, Fiji, West Papua and South Africa

This week citizen video captures testimonials following the arrest of 69 pro-democracy protesters in Cuba. We also check-in on videos previously featured from Fiji and South Africa and look at video advocacy storytelling project in West Papua.

Documenting Rio’s Resistance: Interview with ‘State of Exception’ Director Jason O’Hara

In his new film Canadian documentary filmmaker Jason O’Hara takes on forced evictions and mega-events, working collaboratively with Rio’s communities to tell stories of resistance and document human rights abuses since 2010.

Filming Resources for Protests Honoring Missing Students of Ayotzinapa

With additional marches for the missing students of Ayotzinapa scheduled for December 1 (#1dicMx), it’s more important than ever to document these events with video and photos. Use these resources to prepare for today’s protest and those to follow.

Todxs Grabamos: Nuevas Protestas por los Estudiantes de Ayotzinapa

Con más marchas organizadas para el 1 de Diciembre (#1dicMx), hoy más que nunca se hace necesaria la documentación a través de video, fotografías. Usan estas recursos para preparar para esta marcha y las que siguen para justicia para los estudiantes de Ayotzinapa.

Can Video Help End Police Brutality?

Does more video actually lead to justice for victims of police brutality? Will the presence of more cameras lead to less police brutality in the future?

Rallies in Iran Against Acid Attacks on Women

Online footage offers a rare peek into Iranian civil society and anger over gender-based violence, sparked by recent acid attacks on women in the northern city of Isfahan.

Hassan Hakmoun’s Focus For Change Music Monday Playlist

Our guest-curated Music Monday playlists in honor of our 10th annual Focus for Change Benefit continue with Moroccan musician Hassan Hakmoun.

10 Years of Pentagram Designs for WITNESS’ Focus for Change Benefits

We go behind the scenes with Pentagram’s Harry Pearce in this interview about 10 years of designs for WITNESS’ Focus for Change benefits.

Music Monday – Focus for Change Benefit Performers

For a decade WITNESS has brought together Focus for Change benefit performers, human rights activists and community to celebrate video activism.

Salman Ahmad’s Focus for Change Music Monday Playlist

Mr. Ahmad kicks off a guest-curated series to honor our 10th annual Focus For Change benefit. This year we celebrate “Stories of Courage” from human rights defenders.

In China, Victims Protest Forced Evictions Through Suicide

Urbanization and economic growth are rapidly increasing in China, but often at the cost of people’s right to land. Some citizens are taking the drastic step of attempting suicide.

Forced Evictions, Live Ammunition, and Video Documentation in Cape Town

Videos have helped document the violence and abuse that has characterized a recent series of forced evictions in Cape Town. The raids on informal residential communities are raising serious questions about police conduct and the government’s protection of constitutional rights to housing.