WITNESS Joins Call for the Creation of UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy

WITNESS joins a growing coalition of privacy, human rights, and civil liberties organizations who are uniting to call for the United Nations Human Rights Commission to add a Special Rapporteur on Privacy.

WITNESS Tech Digest: Transparency Reports on Government Interference

Internet companies are producing more transparency reports about governments’ demands on the companies to hand over users’ data and take down their content.

ACLU App Encourages Citizen Witnesses to Document Police Encounters

Morgan Hargrave reviews the ACLU’s Mobile Justice, a new app that allows users to document interactions with police and upload video and reports to ACLU servers.

Security for All – November 2014 Tech News Digest

Privacy shouldn’t be an afterthought for anyone designing online tools. Digital security, while extremely important for human rights activists, should be accessible to everyone.

Secure Tools for Activists: When to Make Designs and When to Make Demands

What tech tools should human rights defenders use when balancing efficacy and safety – open source secure tools or insecure mainstream platforms? Morgan Hargrave unpacks the pros and cons of each and discusses the WITNESS strategy.

How to Backup Mobile Videos On The Fly To A Wi-Fi Drive

A quick overview of how to sync an Android’s mobile videos folder to a local Wi-Fi drive as an alternative to cloud backup.

Human Rights Video and the Open Internet – September 2014 Tech News Digest

This post is the beginning of a monthly series on technology and human rights in the news, written by our technology advocacy team. This month, we look at net neutrality and the work of the Global Net Neutrality Coalition.

#Instagood Tips for Nonprofits

#Instagood tips for nonprofits will help you start and manage an instagram account to be part of your organization’s online storytelling goals.

Four Ways InformaCam Powers Mobile Media Verification

Our partners at the Guardian Project posted today about how our joint project InformaCam provides mobile media (photos/video) verification. We share the overview here.

Drones for Good? The Basic Human Rights Considerations

Ruminating upon what some purport as the inevitable; the widespread integration of aerial robots into other areas of society. We explore the initial concerns and possibilities surrounding the use of drones for human rights monitoring and activism.

Blog Action Day: The Power of We at WITNESS

We’re an organization based on the concept of partnership. In fact, last Thursday we held our annual gala fundraiser in New York City and its theme was “Co-Lab: Celebrating 20 Years of Collaborative Activism.”