Music Monday: 16 Liberating Voices For Women’s Rights

These women artists sing about obstacles to social justice while also affirming and celebrating their invaluable role in bringing about change.

Human Rights Absent as US, Africa Leaders Talk Economics

Since Human rights activists and civil society organizations had no seat at the US-Africa Leaders Summit. We offer some tools, tactics and tips for human rights defenders operating in Africa.

Despite Challenges, 37 Western Saharan Activists Attend WITNESS Training

Sudanese activist and WITNESS trainee Nahla Mohaker reflects on her experience training Western Saharan activists at FiSahara 2014.

The Video-For-Change Africa Network is Born!

WITNESS is pleased to announce the formation of the Video for Change Africa Network, a network for video activists to share their knowledge, materials and challenges with others working for social change in Africa.

Activists Gather in Cape Town, South Africa for First Video-for-Change Convening in Sub-Saharan Africa

Activists from 13 different Sub-Saharan African countries are meeting today in Cape Town, South Africa to learn from one another during the first Video-for-Change Convening in Sub-Saharan Africa.

20 Citizen Journalists We Follow Who Covered Human Rights in 2013

On Human Rights Day, we’ve compiled a global list of citizen journalists we follow who cover human rights and share video. Please share the list and add to it!

Togolese Use Video to Reflect & Shape Elections

TogoVisions, a West African citizen video organization, has mobilized to document contentious elections, pushing them into the worldwide news cycle.

Progress for Kenya through the Lens of a Camera

Having kept peace throughout the 2013 presidential elections, Kenyans look forward. Bukeni Waruzi explains the current situation, and how incorporating video can help to resolve remaining tensions.

All Eyes on Kenya–and Cameras, too.

As polling stations close their doors today after huge voter turnout in, everyone is wondering: will this election remain peaceful, or will it follow in the path of the turbulent 2007 election? Kenyan citizen journalists, trained by WITNESS, weigh in.

Can Cell Phones Save Kenya’s Elections?

Across the country, pockets of Kenyans are determined to use video to protect their democracy during the March 4th elections. Bukeni Waruzi just returned from training these activists and citizen journalists, and here’s what he taught.

“Half the Sky,” or Half the Story?

I was disturbed by PBS’s new film, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women. The two-part series is inspired by the 2010 book of the same name written by New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn. Accompanied by high profile celebrities, Kristof takes viewers on a tour of the dangers that women face in the developing world.

Video Advocacy Example: LGBT and Transgender Awareness in the Anglican Church

This video is an example by activists to bring an under-represented “voice” to the discussion of human sexuality to a group of leaders charged with making decisions on a global scale.

Actions against land-grabbing in Cambodia shared in Africa

At an international conference for African communities facing land-grabbing, LICADHO presented a video showing how communities in Cambodia are resisting forced evictions and land grabbing. The three-day conference, Land grabbing in Africa – Dangers and Challenges, was hosted by Caritas Senegal in cooperation with other groups like, FIAN – that is FoodFirst Information and Action Network.

LGBT Rights in Africa: Malawi

My last post on ‘LGBT Rights in Africa’ focused on Uganda’s pending anti-homosexuality law and how it caused international outrage and expressions of support for LGBT community in Uganda. Now we will look slightly over 1,000 miles south of Uganda to Malawi.

LGBT Rights in Africa: Uganda

I’m the IT coordinator here and will occasionally blog about issues relating to tech inside a non-profit organization that uses technology all the time. I am also going to be sharing thoughts about human rights issues that are of personal import.