In an ongoing effort to bring more of the Human Rights Channel content to our users across platforms, we’re going to share highlights from the channel on a weekly basis here on the blog. Catch the latest on the Channel by following us on Twitter and if you’d like to be added to our weekly reporters email, send me an email at madeleine [at] witness [dot] org or tweet us @ythumanrights

Here are selections from recently featured videos on the channel:

  • Protests in the streets of Sao Paolo that began over a bus fare increase have spread across the country and incorporated many other issues, including discontent over the rising cost of living, police brutality, and development projects related to the World Cup. These two citizen videos show massive protests in Sao Paolo, and riot police firing at protesters.

  • In the runup to the Iranian election on Friday, the Human Rights Channel curated rare YouTube footage of Iranian political rallies. Our election special coverage features those videos, as well as undercover footage from a polling place, and celebrations in the streets of Tehran upon news of Rouhani’s win.
  • As hurricane season begins, tens of thousands of Haitians living in tent camps face newfound threats.  The community news collective Bri Kouri Nouvel Gaye has been speaking with tent camp residents, and in this video, records testimony of their concerns.

  • In Bulgaria, a massive protest on Sunday did not result in the Prime Minister stepping down as activists had called for, but did cause the PM to reverse a controversial security appointment.

The most recent citizen videos of human rights issues can always be found on our Citizen Watch and Watching Syria playlists, and on our special playlist of anti-government protests throughout Turkey. All are updated daily.

This week, we’re keeping our eyes on the changing nature of the Syrian conflict. We’ll also be curating an in-depth playlist looking at the emerging protest movement in Brazil, and a focus on refugees and IDPs around the world for World Refugee Day on Thursday.

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