Videos by regular citizens and activists continue to open the curtain into what we often think of as closed societies or remote communities. This week, we feature videos from the disputed territory of Western Sahara, the home of a political activist in Cuba, the fields of rural France, and the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. 

Disputed Territory of Western Sahara

The UN Security Council, where Christopher Ross will report back on his recent trip to the disputed territory of Western Sahara on Wednesday. We’ve compiled several recent citizen videos from the region, including a series of videos that document the killing of a protester. Others document Ross’s visit, which was accompanied by rallies and followed by a violent police crackdown.

Saudi Arabia

Several women and men were reportedly detained on Saturday for taking part in a day of action against the ban on women driving. While the protest attracted international media attention, organizers say they will continue driving every day, and another day of action will take place in November. For background and videos of women driving, see here.


A jailed rapper and dissident is reportedly in serious condition after 5 days on a hunger strike. Angél Yunier Remon Arzuaga, “El Critico,” has been in jail since March for an alleged attack against state security. According to UNPACU, this compelling 11-minute video was taken by Remon prior to his detention, and documents anti-Castro messages he painted on his home and his street, and regime authorities arriving to cover them, while his neighbors gather and look on.


Since last April, the Sudanese army has dropped an average of five bombs a day on civilian homes and farms in the South Kordofan region. This video by Nuba Reports includes interviews with families, documentation of the bombing campaign, and testimony from a doctor working in the region.


Agricultural workers in France are denouncing a new levy on roads, and as recorded in this video, over the weekend police clashed with protesters, who had blocked roads with mountains of cauliflower. 

The most recent citizen videos of human rights issues can always be found on our Citizen Watch and Watching Syria video playlists. Both are updated daily. Watch and share the latest citizen videos by following the Human Rights Channel on Twitter (@ythumanrights).

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