By Indira Cornelio, Translated from Spanish by Jackie Zammuto
Avaliable in Spanish here.

Venezuela will hold its parliamentary elections on Sunday, December 6th and there is a high possibility of violence and intimidation occurring at polling stations. Last Wednesday, an opposition candidate was assassinated in central Venezuela and sources are reporting that tensions are on the rise.

In these situations, video can play an important role in recording the facts and sharing them with a wider audience. It is important to be prepared and consider the tips listed below to ensure that your footage can be used to expose negative or violent actions.

Before filming

  • know your rights around filming in polling places and the surrounding areas
  • assess the risks to yourself and those who appear in your video
  • identify supporting networks, organizations and coordinating spaces
  • develop a security plan

Resource: Video Documentation: Elections & Human Rights

During filming

  • record the date and location (street signs, landmarks) so the video is easier to verify
  • work in a team: give each member a shot list to capture various angles and details
  • if internet is available, backup footage on your phone automatically with iCloud (iPhone), Google Drive or Dropbox. Another app that could be useful is IFTTT, which can automate backups or instant publications of your videos.

Resource: Filming with a Mobile Phone

After filming

  • contextualize your video, include as much information as possible
  • if you see videos that you have not filmed, it is important to authenticate them before sharing
  • always maintain a copy of your video, don’t count on online platforms to preserve your content, graphic videos may be taken down
  • monitor which #hastags or tags people are using to share information so you can make your video easier to find

Resources: Verifying Eyewitness Video, Basic Practices for Sharing Video on YouTube

Prepare yourself before filming and remember that security comes first!

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