Salman Ahmad’s Focus for Change Music Monday Playlist

Mr. Ahmad kicks off a guest-curated series to honor our 10th annual Focus For Change benefit. This year we celebrate “Stories of Courage” from human rights defenders.

Human Rights Videos from Argentina, South Africa, and Gaza

This week on the Human Rights Channel videos from Argentina, South Africa, and Gaza provide evidence of abuse by security forces.

Music Monday – Top Summer Playlists and More

It’s the end summer and before the season starts to chill, we’re taking a look back at our Music Monday top summer playlists.

Video Advocacy Example: Waking in Oak Creek

Waking in Oak Creek profiles the powerful community and law enforcement response to the 2012 hate crime shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. The film is part of the Not in Our Town Campaign which aims to end hate crimes and build safe and inclusive communities for all.

Virtual Dinner Guest Project Connects Gaza and Native American Communities Using Video Technology

Lindsie Bear sheds light on her experience connecting a group of Native American participants with a group from Gaza to discuss daily life and the issues faced in each community as part of The Virtual Dinner Guest Project.

Ensuring That More Videos Mean More Rights

WITNESS Executive Director Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm reflects on current events and the importance of video as a tool to document human rights abuses and advocate for justice.

Music Monday – Ferguson Edition

This week’s Music Monday – Ferguson Edition features songs about and dedicated to the events happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

WITNESS Resources for Filming Protests and Police Conduct in Ferguson, MO

As protests continue, citizen media is flowing out of Ferguson, Missouri. These WITNESS resources can help citizen witnesses film more safely, ethically and effectively.

Why WITNESS and Other Nonprofits Are Adopting the Serious Business of Monitoring and Evaluation

Anyone in the nonprofit world knows that “impact” and “engagement” are the buzzwords du jour. But more than a passing fad, impact evaluation is serious business – one that many of us in the social change realm grapple with every day.

Effective Collaboration Between Journalists and Citizens When Using Citizen Video

Human Rights Channel Curator Madeleine Bair authors a two-part blog series on ways in which citizens and journalists can work together to capture and curate user-generated content.

List of Free or Low-cost Tools and Resources for Video Activists

This list of free or low-cost tools and resources for video activists is curated from participants who joined our Live Video Archive #AskMeAnything event on our Facebook page.