Why Time is Running Out For Your Videotapes

How can individuals and organizations with limited resources deal with preserving all the videos recorded on tapes years ago?

Sending Videos Safely through the Wild, Wild, Web

From YouTube to FTP, and Dropbox to Google Drive, online services have very different ways of transferring files. Which ones are safest for your videos?

Self-Preservation through Personal Digital Archiving

‘Personal digital archiving’ is a movement that helps individuals take control of their digital files. A WITNESS Archivist shares her insights from a national conference, outlining gaps and solutions for human rights defenders.

Securing Archives in Insecure Situations: Lessons from Mali

“Centuries of Invaluable Manuscripts Lost to Extremists” could have been the headline. But it wasn’t, because Timbuktu archivists made plans to preserve them. Keeping digital archives can be easier, but no less critical. Here’s what you can do.

Oral History and the Law: Boston College’s Woes

At WITNESS, the importance of negotiating informed consent within human rights video is paramount. By helping interviewees recognize the reach that their testimony may have in today’s digital age, both intended and unforeseen consequences quickly become part of the greater conversation. Education is the key.

Join WITNESS For An Online Dialogue On Archiving Human Rights

I’m excited to announce that starting today (May 16) through May 22 my fellow archivist Yvonne Ng and I will be co-hosting an online dialogue hosted by New Tactics in Human Rights titled Archiving Human Rights for Advocacy, Justice and Memory.

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